CLMS Coordinators

CLMS Coordinators

CLMS Coordinators have excellent abilities well beyond that of being able to fix CLMS problems.  All Coordinators are experienced Secretaries and know the intimate details of the workings of your duty as Lodge Secretary.  In Addition, Penny and Edwin have developed Grand Lodge resources that can help with such things as expediting material orders, help with reducing postage and mailing costs.  Feel free to call any Coordinator as none are restricted to working within a specific area or region.

If you do not have TeamViewer downloaded on your Lodge computer, please do so.  It is free and simple.  This allows a coordinator to log onto your computer and go through some of the more complicated operations that may be necessary to keep things running smooth.

It is an honor and pleasure to work with all Lodge Secretaries.

Edwin Geishert
517-617-3663, Cell

George Sermon
989-240-5874 Office
989.362.2689 Home

Alan Engle

Penny Geishert
517-617-7721, Cell
517-639-4062, Home

Jeff Burk
989-732-5423 Office
989.448.4169 Home

Chris Ferguson
810-259-2076 Days
248.376.2920 Evenings

Pete Gadzinski
906-989-6253, cell

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