Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks
Organized November 1904





“Our Future is our Charities and our Youth"



Accident Prevention/Risk Management



· To have all Lodges File Claim Reports on a timely and complete basis.


· To have all Lodges submit the Grand Lodge Self-Inspection Form on a quarterly basis.


· To have the state chairman communicate information on the Grand Lodge Insurance Program

   to the Lodge quarterly.


· To have all Lodges review and report to the state chairman their insurance coverage on


   Property and Contents.


· To have the state chairman inform all Lodges of the need for bonding or coverage against

  discrimination suits and other actions that may endanger the Lodge, its Officers, and


  Members (Directors and Officers coverage).


· To have the state chairman communicate to all Lodges the benefits of obtaining Boiler and

  Machine coverage from AON Insurance.






· To have all Michigan Lodges conduct the Mandatory Flag Day Ceremony, maintain a Heritage

   Corner and fly or display the American Flag always.


· Promote patriotic activities such as, entering Fourth of July Parades, Memorial Day Parades,

   and holding Law and Order nights.


· To have every Lodge award a Flag recognition certificates to businesses in their area.



Business Practices/Officer Training



· To develop and promote the use of officer training district workshops for new officers.         

   2017 Officer Training will start at the State Convention in May. Workshops will continue        

  throughout the State Association Year. Business training workshops will also be offered as well

  as individual lodge help when appropriate. Promote the combined training workshops at

  District Meetings to add substance to our meetings. 



Drug Awareness Program



· To have every Lodge conduct at least one Drug Awareness Project involving the community.

· To have all Lodges display Grand Lodge Drug Awareness brochures at all Hoop Shoot contests

  or other youth-oriented activity.


· To maintain and promote the use of the Drug Awareness trailer at events held for the


  Membership and the public at locations around the State.


· To promote the use of the Elroy the Elk costumes at Lodge or District events.



Gold Key-Charitable Grant Fund



· To have each lodge submit a Gold Key Scholarship application.


· For each Lodge to have a Gold Key Chair. Their job would be to: 1. encourage each lodge to

   contributed $1.00 per member to the Gold Key Endowment Fund. 2. To have all Lodges


   participate in the Gold Key quarter folder program. 3.  To have all Lodges be represented in a

   Gold Key Golf Outing, or another District fundraiser. 4.  To have all Lodges plan a fund-raising event

   specifically, to benefit Gold Key. 5. To encourage each Lodge to have members who own local

   business to promote Gold Key fund raising to the public.



Hoop Shoot



· To have 100% participation of all Lodges in the Hoop Shoot Program.


· That Lodge Drug Awareness, Americanism and Membership Committees set up information

   booths at every Lodge, District, and State contest. This committee should also provide the

   Michigan Elks News and Michigan Elks Website with a list of winners at the State contest

   and an article, including pictures, concerning the event.



Judiciary (Law & Bylaw Committees)



· The committee shall notify all Lodges of what it does and who to contact. These committees

   have the responsibility to examine all proposed amendments to the Constitution of the

   Michigan Elks Association and all resolutions, memorials, motions, or amendments relating to

   its bylaws, with respect to the form, purpose and legality. These committees may present

   recommendations at the Annual Meeting for any changes or amendments of the “Constitution

   and Bylaws”, as the committees deem desirable.




Lodge Activities/Star Lodge Award Program



· To have 100% participation in the President’s Star Lodge Award Program.


· To have every Exalted Ruler or verified lodge alternate attend the Grand Lodge Convention

   in Reno, Nevada.  Attendance is a requirement of Grand Lodge for the Exalted Ruler to


   become a member of Grand Lodge.


· To have all Lodges qualify for the G.E.R. Special Citation Award.


· To have all Lodges present an "Elk of the Year", "Officer of the Year", and "Citizen of the Year"

   award (at a minimum, 2 of the 3), plus at least two G.E.R. Special Commendation Awards to

   worthy Lodge members.



Membership / Retention



· To involve all Lodges and members in an active Membership program, as directed by the

  State Membership chairman and District Vice Chairmen, inclusive of Membership procurement

  and Membership retention.


·To have District Workshops on Membership in each District by the District Vice Chairman


  of that District.


·To have each District Vice Chairman meet with the Lodge Membership Chairman during


  his/her visitation to the Lodge.


·To encourage the use of all prescribed reward incentive programs for new Membership.


· To teach all Lodges about the new member mentoring program.


· For each Lodge to have initiations of new members of at least 7% of their April 1, 2017




· To reduce the Lapsation in our State to 3% or less.


· To have all Lodges develop an active Stray Elk program utilizing the Stray Elk Report from

  Grand Lodge. Results should be reported to the state chairman in September and April.


· To have each Lodge work with the Grand Lodge “Membership Control Manual” and the DVC’s

   of their District to meet these goals.


· To have ALL Lodges have a membership/lapsation program and share their program with the

  State Chairman.


·To have at each lodge at least one new membership open house.


·To have at least one membership drive in your community each year. Let the community know

  what you do and solicit their participation. Do this at all functions that your Lodge is involved

  with at the community level.


·To invite Local Theater Groups in each Lodge’s community to join the Lodge.



Michigan Elks Major Project



· As a long-term goal, each Lodge should try to raise an amount of funds equal to what Major Project

   spends on children in that Lodges community.


· To aid and assist “Special Needs Children” and solicit the aid of all members to attain the goals

   as set forth by the Major Project Commission.


· To have all Lodges remit the mandatory contribution of $1.00 per member, due 60 days after

  April 1st and other collected funds on at least a quarterly basis, and to encourage the continued

  support for all Major Project fund-raising projects on a voluntary basis.


· To have all Lodges submit at least one case to the Major Project Commission.


· To have all Lodges plan a fundraising event specifically to benefit the Major Project.


·To encourage each Lodge to have members who own local business to promote Major Project

  fund raising to the public.



National Foundation



· To communicate to all Lodges the workings of the ENF Grants and have every Lodge in the State  

   obtain a Beacon Grant.


· To have a year-end State per-capita that meets or exceeds the Grand Lodge per-capita goal.

· To have 100% participation of the Lodges with at least 50% of new initiates starting a subscription.

· To have 100% participation of the Lodges with at least 50% of new initiates starting a subscription.

· To have every Officer in every Lodge and every Officer and Chairman in the State Association be a

  member of the National Foundation.


· To have State chairman inform every Lodge of the voluntary dues subscription program to

   increase Lodge National Foundation Contributions.


· To have all Lodges meet the per-capita goal of contributions to the Elks National Foundation

  as set forth by Grand Lodge or, at a minimum improve their contributions from the prior year.

·To encourage each Lodge to have members who own local business to promote ENF fundraising

  to the public.



National Veterans Service Commission



· To have monthly Elks-sponsored activities at every Veterans Hospital in the State of Michigan.

· To have every Lodge conduct an activity for Veterans Remembrance Month during the


  month of November.


· To have every Lodge collect recommended items throughout the year to be distributed to the

  Veterans Hospital in their area and to have each Lodge send its monthly bulletin to the area

  Veterans Hospital.


· To adopt Veterans in every Veterans Hospital in the State of Michigan and to support these

   adoptions with holiday cards, donations and gifts.


· To raise awareness with all Lodges about the Veterans entertainment program known as

 “the Recreation” and encourage attendance at their performances at Veterans Hospitals.


Public/Member Relations



· Our number one goal is to promote Local Media coverage of our Lodge activities to improve

  our image, increase membership and educate the public about our programs.


· To have our State & District PR Chairs create a Data Base of news agencies for our Lodges to utilize

   to promote their community activities. This data base would include direction of how and what to

   submit to these news agencies. Form networks of members who are willing to promote

   what we do through these agencies.


· To encourage Lodge members of our association to distribute Grand Lodge magazines,


  State Newsletters and Local Lodge Newsletters to area business for public to read.


· All lodges will understand that good public relations are extremely important today. The

  Public Relations Committee is responsible for conducting a program that will project the true

  image of Elk Dom to the public through our benevolent, charitable and patriotic programs.

· To continue the publication of the Michigan Elks News.


· To encourage the members of our association to submit newsworthy articles to the


  Michigan Elks News.


· To have all State Chairmen provide an article for publication in at least two editions of


 The Michigan Elks News.


· Encourage all Lodges to maintain a publication to their membership concerning Lodge activities

  and State and Grand Lodge programs.


· To encourage all Lodges to reprint articles from the Michigan Elks News and Grand Lodge

  Newsletter in their Lodge Bulletins.


· To have the State Chairman write an article each quarter regarding activities happening


  throughout the State and encourage all Lodges to publish these articles in their Lodge bulletin.

· To have 100% of the Lodges promote Elk Dom’s image by publicizing at least three activities

   through their local newspaper or radio/television station.


· For all Lodges to have at least one article printed in the Michigan Elks News and/or the


  Elk's National Magazine about their members or activities.






· To encourage all Lodge Officers, rehearse their Initiation Ritual parts to ensure that we will

  greatly impress our new Members.


· To suggest that full memorization of our Initiation Ritual will be even more impressive


  to our new Members.


· To encourage all Lodges, rehearse all Ritual ceremonies to improve their delivery,


  especially those presented to the public.


· To encourage the Ritual Competition by all the Lodges and to continue to conduct


   a State Ritual Clinic at the Fall Conference.


· Encourage all Lodges to request a District Ritual Contest in which they may compete.


· To encourage all Lodges to adopt the Long Form (original) of the Ritual of Initiation,


   to more completely impress our new Members with the functions of our Order.

·To develop District Ritual “Drill” Teams to perform at District Ritual Contest and when


  requested at Lodge Initiations.


·To encourage all Lodges to post new members on the Michigan State Elks Association


  Facebook page.






· To have 100% participation of all Lodges in the Elks National Foundation “Most Valuable Student”

   Scholarship Program.


· To have every district be represented at the State Scholarship judging.


· To aid the Gold Key Scholarship Commission and aggressively promote

   the Gold Key Scholarship program statewide.



Special Events/Community Welfare/Organ Donor Program



· To have every Lodge conduct an “Elks Pumpkin Patch” Halloween party for our special needs

  children and their families.


· To have every Lodge conduct an “Open House for members of the Community”.


· To have every Lodge conduct activities for community awareness and wellbeing.


· To have every Lodge encourage their members to participate in the Organ Donor Program as

  adopted by Grand Lodge and the Federal Department of Health and Human Services


  and host an organ donor sign up event.






· All Michigan Elk Lodges will know that we have a web page and that the Webmaster’s


  responsibilities will include creating a Website that serves to meet the goals of the organization,

  maintaining and administering the systems, generating Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

  and scripts, developing the graphic design and layout of the user interface, and developing the

  architecture of the information throughout the site. The Webmaster will provide support within

  and across the information layers of the organization.


· To have every Lodge and State Officer use the Webpage and Association assigned email

   as its main avenue when corresponding with the lodges.



Youth Activities



· All lodge members will understand that the Youth Activities Committee is one of the most

  important committees in the Lodge, the State, and the Nation. When the local Lodge has an active

  Youth Activities Committee, the community becomes aware that the Order of Elks cares about

   its youth. There are many excellent youth programs, which are available to youth of all ages

   in your area. These programs are described in the Grand Lodge Youth Activities Brochure,

  which is available from the Grand Lodge Youth Activities Committee and should be on file

   in your Lodge Secretary’s office.


· To have all Lodges conduct at least one Youth Program that involves the local community.

· To have all Lodges participate in at least some of the various youth activities


   student certificate awards.


· To increase the number of Lodges participating in Scouting and to involve the Scouts


   in selected Lodge activities.


· The state chairman will inform all Lodges about the “Junior Elks” and/or “Venturing” Programs

   within their communities and assist those Lodges desiring to start these programs.


· The state chairman will inform Lodges about the Grand Lodge dictionary program and                     assist those Lodges desiring to start this program.





Joe Antonishek, Jr.


President, Michigan Elks Association