Email Scam Targets Michigan Elks Members

Email Scam targeting Elks – PLEASE READ AND BE AWARE

Members All,

Sunday evening I received an email that purported to be from Nevin Taylor (State President of the Ohio Elks Association). The email address showed his name with the added “”. It merely stated that he needed to speak with me. When I responded, he asked for money. Knowing that Nevin would not do that I called Nevin’s cell phone and confirmed the message did not come from me. I was concerned at the time because I could not figure out how the scammer linked Nevin and me together. I did not have him in my address book, we are not linked through any social media account and his phone number was not on my phone. He and I have spoken a few times in person, but never through the phone or email.

Today I received a call from the ER of a local Lodge. A series of emails purporting to have come from her were sent to the Lodge secretary asking for a voucher to pay a vendor and demanding that it was needed right away. That phony email address also started with her name and the add-on of “president” before a number and ending in The ER stated that she never communicates with the Lodge Secretary by email and also is confused how someone put the two of them together.

I am beginning to wonder if someone or group is gathering Elk’s email addresses on line and sending out messages that appear to be from persons known to the recipients based upon them being from the same Lodge (this information with email addresses is available on line on most Lodge’s webpages) or being listed on Officers of the same webpage (my information and Nevin’s are both available through the Ohio Elks website/directory). The striking similarity of the email addresses “name,president,” is highly suggestive they are coming from the same source which could mean our organization and its Members are being targeted.

Please share this information as you feel appropriate and be on the lookout for any similar scams involving each of you.

Paul E. Robinson

Area 4 Member of the Committee on Judiciary

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