Important Message To Our Members

The charitable records we keep are the backbone of our order and help us retain our 501-C status. In the fiscal year 2017-18, our entire Order reported a total of $675,985,245 in hours, mileage and contributions.  Of that amount, Michigan only reported a total of $3,749,314, down $2.1 million from the year before.   Michigan Elks work very hard on their programs and events throughout the year and this number cannot possibly reflect all we do.  I know we can do much better and make Michigan’s reporting of its charitable activities a source of pride.
Our lodges are in the process of working on scholarship programs, scouting events, pumpkin patch events and Halloween parties, veterans’ and youth events, food basket programs, Christmas parties, holiday parades, polar plunges, and much more.  Start keeping track of all time, mileage and contributions!   Record all members attending any lodge or other meetings where these projects or events are discussed and their mileage, any time spent in any phone conversations with members or anyone else about the project, any leg work and mileage of members and helpers. Record anything associated with follow up and discussion of the project’s success or outcome.  Make sure to record the cost of any goods used or donated.  Report anything to do with grant writing, from the planning process through completion and members, helpers, meetings, mileage and contributions involved in the various grant projects.
PLEASE DISCUSS THIS AT YOUR LODGE MEETINGS IN OCTOBER.  I am challenging you to see how much your lodge can report in the month of November.  Remind one another to report on activities so that this becomes a habit throughout the year.  Let me know if I can help. We can do this!  Make Michigan proud!!
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Gerald Robbins

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PER & Current Exalted Ruler Clawson - Troy Lodge #2169

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