Spam and Phishing Attacks Plague Elks Nationwide

Many of our members have been reporting getting fake emails from people thy know asking for funds or help. These are commonly know as phishing attacks. If you look closely at the example below, you will see the return email is NOT an email address and doesn't match the person sending it.

Scammers use these emails to validate your email address so you can be added to spam email lists that are sold to unscrupulous companies. The best thing to do when you get an email that doesn't seem right is to look at it closely. Is it from a email account? Do you know the person sending it? Are they asking for money or help? If you are not sure, forward the email to and we will review it for you. Better to be safe than sorry.

For more information, read this article by CNET on how to spot Phishing scams.


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Gerald Robbins

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