Officer Training Workshop

Officer Training Workshop - Feb 29, 2020 - Houghton-Higgins Lake Lodge

Michigan Elks Association
February 29, 2020 – Houghton-Higgins Lake Lodge 1982


The information posted here includes the final Agenda for the Workshop, the PowerPoint presentations that will be used during the training sessions and various resource materials that will be referenced.

You are asked to print and bring with you copies of the Revised Agenda, the MEA Training Manual, and the MEA Bylaw Recodification, together with a copy of the Statutes Annotated (your lodge should have one available). Treasurers and Secretaries may want to print a copy of the A&A Accounting Manual and the A&A Chart of Accounts.

We leave it to your discretion whether to print copies of the three (3) PowerPoint presentations but you may find those helpful for organizing any notes you may take during the presentations.

See you on the 29th.
Jim Deamud

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