Michigan FRS Final Progress Report – Deadline Extension

Exalted Rulers and Lodge Secretaries,

Click here to download a copy of the Michigan FRS Final Progress Report issued by Adaptive and sent to you previously by Ed Geishert, our FRS Coordinator. I applaud the many Lodges that have worked so hard to complete the transition to FRS and are up-to-date on their reporting, and know it has been difficult for some and frustrating to all, but you have succeeded and met the challenge. All Lodges, except one, have completed the Mapping and most of the Lodges that are not fully up-to-date are still working diligently towards completion and are extremely close to completing their work.

Unfortunately, a few Lodges still have considerable work to do on FRS. If your Lodge is not up-to-date on your monthly reports, help is still available, and I urge your Officers to please seek the help you need as soon as possible. FRS will not work properly for Michigan without the submission of all required information and acceptance from Adaptive.

Due to the current crisis caused by the Coronavirus, which has, understandably, created serious issues for all Lodges and slowed the transition to FRS for some, I have decided to extend the original date for compliance with FRS from April 1, 2020 to June 1, 2020. During this extension period, I will make sure that no GL penalties are assessed against any Lodge that is diligently working towards completion of FRS, including seeking help as needed from our Help Coordinators and responding to inquiries from Ed Geishert and the District Deputies. There will be no extension beyond June 1st, and penalties will be assessed.

Of course, it is expected that all Lodges will complete the process much sooner than the June 1st Deadline. This extension of the Deadline has not been approved by GL, but will be my rule. I ask all Lodges, with work to do, to please take advantage of this reprieve and demonstrate your desire to get across "the finish line." Let's help each other and get it done!

The 2020-2021 Lodge Budgets are to be finalized and approved by the Lodge by the second regular Lodge meeting in April, then the Budgets must be submitted to Adaptive as the final step in the transition process. I ask that your Budgets be submitted and approved by Adaptive no later than May 15th.

Even with Lodge closures, the business of the Lodge must go on, so you are encouraged to continue your regular lodge meetings, and other meetings, by means of video conferencing, which is now available to all Michigan Lodges through Zoom.us.

Click here for information about the ease of conducting such meetings.

Thanks again for your efforts.

All my best,
Ron Hicks, PGER/State Sponsor

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