2020 District Gold Key Golf Outings Postponed

Attention Michigan Elk Members and Gold Key Golf Outing Supporters

During these unprecedented times and after careful consideration the Gold Key Commissioners along with the district golf outing committees have decided to postpone this year’s District Gold Key Golf Outings. The Committees and Commissioners decided that it would not be right to go out and ask small businesses and members who are having tough times right now for donations. We will keep everyone informed as to when they will be rescheduled. We would all like to thank everyone for their support of these outings and hope you can join us again when they are rescheduled. Your support is vital to our continued success and we appreciate your generosity. We wish you continued health and prosperity. Stay safe and healthy.

Geno Grabinski (Southeast District), Michael Bowman (Northeast District), Joan Rowland (Northwest District), Diana Armstrong (Metro District), Mike Ilmonen (U.P. District), Don Smith (Southwest District) and Kevin Quinn (Executive Director).

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