Pontiac – Waterford #810

This is an exciting time for Pontiac-Waterford Elks #810. We recently sold our lodge building and property located at 2100 Scott Lake Rd. so we could purchase a new lodge building and property, which is located at 3650 Dixie Hwy, Waterford, MI 48329. We have moved only 1 mile away! Our new building has not yet been renovated. We will keep you posted on it’s progress. You can visit our facebook page, which is pont/waterford elks 810 (do not use the pontiac-waterford elks 810 link.) In the meantime, we are still collecting donations for ENF and Major Project, acquiring Grants from ENF, accepting applications for the Elks MVS scholarship and Legacy Scholarships, hosting Hoop Shoot, accepting bottle and can donations for our Boy Scout Troop #810, and other Elks supported causes.

Contact Information

Pontiac - Waterford #810

3650 Dixie Hwy,
Waterford, MI 48329

Secretary Kim Deckard is still taking phone calls at 248-673-9860 for any questions you may have.


Our new lodge is currently in the renovation stage, so the building is not open at this time. Watch our facebook page – Pont/Waterford Elks 810 – for current information.

Our new lodge is currently in the renovation stage, so the building is not open at this time.The lodge phone and fax are temporarily located at the home of Secretary Kim Deckard. She is able to take phone calls daily. Please leave a message if necessary and your call will be returned.

2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month at 7:00pm with the following exceptions: July, August, Dec: 2nd Thursday only, November: 2nd and 3rd Thursday. During renovation, our meetings are being held at 300 Bowl, 100 S. Cass Lake Rd., Waterford, 48328

Exalted Ruler: Diana Armstrong, PER
Esteemed Leading Knight: Michael T. Lowe, PER
Chaplain: Jerry Farnam, PDDGER
Secretary: Kim Deckard, PER
Treasurer: Harlen Lantz
Inner Guard: Ed Salter
Tiler: C. Tom Naumann
1 Year Trustee: Kurt Mason
2 Year Trustee: MIke Clement
3 Year Trustee: Dave Deckard, PDDGER

Committee Chair Report Submission Form

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A copy will be sent to the State Secretary and to yourself.

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