Michigan Elks Field of Honor at Alma Lodge #1400

Michigan Elks Field of Honor at Alma Lodge #1400

Alma Elks Lodge #1400 is proud to announce that they will be displaying the Michigan Elks Field of Honor at Alma Lodge again this year. It will be dedicated on May 2, 2021 although the events at the dedication will follow the latest Covid-19 restrictions at that time.

Though the gathering may be limited, all the purchased flags will be placed in the “Field” on that date.

The special Honorees this year will be First Responders. A flag may be purchased for anyone, not just veterans or First Responders.

Hopefully this display will give hope for the future and create a sight that will inspire all that view it to realize that Americanism is still alive with the Elks.

Those who have already purchased flags for this year or last year will have their flags placed in this year’s Field of Honor.

Alma Lodge #1400 truly appreciates all the Lodges in the past who have donated to this show of patriotism and reach out for the help of all the Lodges to purchase a flag to represent their Lodge. If they could pass this information to their members it would be greatly appreciated. We realize that many Lodges are struggling but hope that the $20 cost is not too much to pay to further this event.

As in the past, the purchase price for a flag, tag and pole will still be $20 for the Lodges and $25 for individual members. The purchaser will receive these when the Field of Honor is dismantled on June 14, 2021. Flags must be ordered by April 16, 2021 to be sure they are entered in the program. We believe this is a great way to be involved with nurturing Patriotism and remain safe. Order forms may be acquired by contacting Alma Lodge at 989-463-1400 or by contacting Randy Boudreau at 989-506-6332 or rand1b@yahoo.com if you would like an order form emailed to you.

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