Houghton – Higgins Lake #1982

Houghton-Higgins Lake #1982

 4932 W. Houghton Lake Drive
Houghton Lake, Michigan 48629
(989) 366-9136 / houghtonhiggins1982@mielks.org

Exalted Ruler:  Debra Laurermann / deb@transmi.com
Secretary:  Vicky Faino / jvfaino@charter.net

Meetings:  2nd and 4th Thursday, 7:00pm
Hours:   Monday – Saturday  3:00pm – varies depending on activity

Meals:  Menu service, including fish, chicken, and beef items, plus several more casual entrees, is  served each Friday evening, beginning at 5:00pm.
Each Tuesday, casual food is served, beginning at 5:00pm, as members and guests await the Queen of Hearts Raffle drawing at 6:30pm
A broasted chicken buffet is served on the 1st Monday of each month, including our famous Broasted Chicken (the best on the lake), mashed potatoes and gravy, dressing, vegetable, and dessert, beginning at 5:00pm.

Lodge is located on the shore of Houghton Lake, one of the largest inland lakes in Michigan.  We are located on the largest parcels on the lake and the view of the lake is the best there is.  There is seasonal dockage for boats owned by members, plus additional transient docks for visiting members.

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