NOTICE: Use of Marijuana on Lodge Premises

NOTICE: Use of Marijuana on Lodge Premises

Despite the recent vote in Michigan to legalize the use of recreational Marijuana, Marijuana remains classified as a Schedule 1 substance and its use is illegal under Federal Law.

Smoking of Marijuana within any Elks Lodge violates the Michigan Smoke-Free Air Law, as well as the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act and the Recreational Marijuana Law.

Smoking of Marijuana on any outside Elk property, including areas designated for the smoking of tobacco products, violates the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act and the Recreational Marijuana Law. This would include the grounds, parking areas and all other outside areas owned or controlled by the lodge.

The Grand Lodge Drug Awareness Committee teaches the possession or use of Marijuana on Elk property or at Elk Sponsored events is wrongful conduct, and the Elks National Policy states that no form of Marijuana products may be cultivated, used or possessed in Elk facilities or on its grounds.

Therefore, PGER Ronald L. Hicks, Michigan State Sponsor, has advised that the smoking of Marijuana products in, on or about Lodge property will be deemed a violation of the Obligation and Conduct Unbecoming an Elk and will be dealt with accordingly under the Laws of the Order.

Issued this 14th day of November, 2018, under authority of Ronald L. Hicks, State Sponsor, by James R. Deamud, Special Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler.
Lodge Secretaries: The notice above shall be read into the records of your lodge at the next regular Lodge meeting, and thereafter posted on the Lodge Bulletin Board, to remain there until advised that it can be removed.

Your respective lodges should make sure they modify their existing facility use agreements to let temporary users of an Elks facility that it shall be considered a breach of the use agreement for any guest in attendance to smoke marijuana on Elks’ property.

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