State President

Chuck Oatten – State President

Chuck has been married to Debb Greening Oatten for over 19 years. They have no children. Chuck is a 1977 graduate of Swan Valley High School in Saginaw Mi.  He moved to Alma MI, about 20 years ago when he met Debb.

Chuck has been an Elk for 16 years. His first year as an Elk he became the Esquire and then followed as  Exalted Ruler, continued on through the District, concluding with being the District Deputy in 2008-09. He then became a State Committee Chairman, moved to State Trustee where he was Chairman for two years. Following the Trustee’s, he was elected as 2nd Vice President, then 1st Vice President, and currently serving as State President of the Michigan Elks Association.

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