Video Conferencing for Lodge & Committee Meetings

Video Conferencing for Lodge & Committee Meetings

Use of video conferencing for Lodge and Committee Meetings

With the closing of our Lodges, during the Coronavirus crisis, all Lodge Officers and Members are encouraged to proceed with their Regular Lodge Meetings and other meetings by means video conferencing. A relatively new and easy way of conducting business that will help bring our Lodges into the 21st Century. While this is new and different for many of us, the use of these advancements in technology are the wave of the future. has emerged as a favored video conferencing platform and a Pro Version of Zoom has been purchased by the Michigan Elks Association for use throughout the state for unlimited meetings with unlimited attendance. Zoom is easy to use and simple to operate and I know many meetings are already being conducted through Zoom.

I encourage all Lodges to go to the Zoom.comwebsite and learn how to use this platform for your Lodge and committee meetings until we can return to the Lodge facility for such meetings. Once you try it, I’m sure you will be glad you did, and will use it frequently. If you need further information about Zoom, please contact one of the State Trustees, who are the designated “Hosts” for this platform, to assist you. I’m sure there are also many others with knowledge about Zoom that can help your Lodge.

Again, it is easy to use by all Lodges and members, either from a cell phone or by computer. Everyone is “live” on screen, so it can create a very interactive meeting.

Finally, here is a response I just received from one Lodge Secretary:


“My Lodge has been using zoom for our meetings; i.e., Lodge meetings, Club Managing Body and Board of Directors meeting. It’s a great tool to use during this crisis. We’ve actually had better attendance than our in person Lodge meetings.”

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