Bay City #88

Contact Information

Bay City #88

1400 N. Henry St.,
Bay City, MI 48706-3645

Phone Number: 989-892-2281

No resources available.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 4pm – 9 pm

1st and 3rd Tuesday of Month at 6:30 PM

Exalted Ruler: Edward Rodda, Jr. PER
Esteemed Leading Knight: Ryan Ruszala, PER
Esteemed Loyal Knight: Shiela Jensen
Esteemed Lecturing Knight: Deborah Waltz
Esquire: Vacant
Chaplain: Anthony F. Bosco, PER
Secretary: Howard Diehl, PER
Treasurer: Kellie Snyder, PER
Inner Guard: Thomas Jensen
Tiler: Margaret Moore
1 Year Trustee: Casimer Musial
2 Year Trustee: Jean Ann DeShano, PER
3 Year Trustee: Arthur Vasold, PER
4 Year Trustee: Jerry DeShano, PER
5 Year Trustee: George Lynch, Jr., PER

Committee Chair Report Submission Form

Please fill out the report below for your committee.
A copy will be sent to the State Secretary and to yourself.

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