Copper Country #404

Contact Information

Copper Country #404

25701 Wedge Street,
Calumet, MI 49913

Phone Number: 906-337-3611

No resources available.

No resources available.

2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm

Exalted Ruler:  Mary Pat Cramton, PER

Esteemed Leading Knight:  Nate Jones

Esteemed Loyal Knight:  Julie Vasold

Esteemed Lecturing Knight:  Steve Jones, PER

Secretary:  David Sladek, PSP

Treasurer:  Mary Yeo

Esquire:  Jeannie LaBonte, PER

Chaplain:  Debra Slayton

Inner Guard: Roxann Billing

 Tiler:  Art Vasold  PER

Trustee – 1 year: Scott Kronshage

Trustee – 2 year: John Gibson

Trustee – 3 year: Kendra Coppo

Trustee – 4 year: Linda Fredrickson

Trustee – 5 year: Vicky Myhren

Committee Chair Report Submission Form

Please fill out the report below for your committee.
A copy will be sent to the State Secretary and to yourself.

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