Livonia #2246

Livonia Lodge #2246 was chartered on December 10, 1961 with 134 Charter Members. This year we are celebrating our 61st Anniversary.

Contact Information

Livonia #2246

31117 Plymouth Road,
Livonia MI 48150

Phone Number:

Facebook: click here for the Livonia Elks Facebook web page

Restaurant available on Friday and Saturday nights

Hall Rentals


Wednesday – 6:30pm

Sunday – 6:00pm



Thursday- 5:00 PM – Midnight

Friday- 5:00 PM – Midnight

Saturday 5:00 PM – Midnight

2nd Tuesday of the month 7:00 PM Board of Directors Meeting on 4th Tuesday of the month.

Exalted Ruler: Karl Swieczkowski, PER
Esteemed Leading Knight: Gary Rushford, PER
Esteemed Loyal Knight: VACANT
Esteemed Lecturing Knight: Genevieve Barber
Esquire: Ronald Ickes, PER
Chaplain: Susan Floyd, PER
Secretary: David Bibik
Treasurer: Gregory Ross, PER
Inner Guard: VACANT
Tiler: Russ Lantz
1 Year Trustee: Diana Tebo
2 Year Trustee: Paul Bellew
3 Year Trustee: Gary Nikkila
4 Year Trustee: Robert Haig
5 Year Trustee: Gregory Green

Committee Chair Report Submission Form

Please fill out the report below for your committee.
A copy will be sent to the State Secretary and to yourself.

Committee Name