New Freedom Grant Options

New Freedom Grant Options

New Hotness in Grants – The Freedom Grant!

New Freedom Grant options suit range of project sizes

By Hannah Graber, ENVSC Programs Coordinator

This year, we’re making big changes to the Freedom Grant! We’re excited to offer more flexibility than ever. We’re also increasing the number of Freedom Grants to 600.

Freedom Grant applications will become available on April 1 at 12:01 a.m. (Central Time) and will close on April 15 at Noon (Central Time). Grant recipients will be notified in mid-May.

Freedom Grants are competitive, and applications will be evaluated based on the type of project proposed and the quality of each Lodge’s plan.

Each Lodge will have the choice to apply for the type of Freedom Grant that best fits their project.

The Freedom Grant Classic, at $3,000, is for active projects and requires direct service to veterans. Projects with a high level of Elks involvement will qualify for this grant. Consider this option if your Lodge is planning a large event or has experience with an ongoing project.

The Freedom Grant Spark, at $1,000, is for projects that serve veterans in need. Involvement is encouraged when possible. This option has fewer restrictions and is an excellent choice for Lodges just getting started with service to veterans, or for smaller Lodges in rural areas.

All Freedom Grant projects must serve veterans and/or military members and their families. Grant projects must focus on one of these five areas of need: employment, homelessness and housing, military families, health, and educational support.

More information about the Freedom Grant and how to decide which version would be the best fit for your Lodge can be found at

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